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  This is an amazing place. The World Wide Web! I placed this server online because I thought that there should be someplace we Peers could call home. My friends and family seemed to be interested, so after not a little work... here it is. Enjoy.

  You should think about putting up a web site of your own. Then, when someone asks you if you have a web site, you can say "Of course! Just go over to WWW.MYSITE.COM and see for yourself." You could even send and receive email with the right hosting company! You'll be able to tell all of your friends to start sending email to MYNAME@MYSITE.COM

  Need another reason to have your own web site? Here's a trick that I use: keep your bookmarks online so that you can access them from anywhere! That's right; any computer with web access can be your personal computer. Just log onto the internet; open the browser and point it to your web site. Voila! All of your favorite links are instantly available, just as if you were at home on your own computer.

Read this article for some good ideas (and to learn from the mistakes of others)


My #1 pet peeve is software that installs when you didn't ask it to. Especially when the only thing that app does is track your web browsing,  profile you, steal information or turn your computer into a "zombie" to be used behind your back to send spam, attack other computers or even worse!

This type of software is called malware ("malicious software").
Fight back with the links below:

If you're currently infected, click here If you're currently infected, click here

Vipre is the latest in Anti-virus technology
(and it has CounterSpy built-in!)

News flash: version 4 is now out and comes with a 'Rottweiler in the house' firewall

This is the anti-virus that I use!
(see why)

Want to know how good Vipre is? Search with Google and see all the independent rave reviews!
Here's one to get you started (pre- ver.4):


Just as important as protection is
recovery if something goes wrong!

This is the online backup I use


Part of a good defense is preventing the bad guys from getting inside in the first place.

 I use the services on the right because I've found that they are very effective at keeping the bugs out.

Use OpenDNS

Feature set
  Free Microsoft security tools  

[editor's note: check out this list of free
online scanners in our Downloads section]


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