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Name: Worm/Gibe
Alias: Win32.Gibe@mm
Type: Internet Worm
Discovered: 03-04-2002
Size: ~122.9KB

Worm/Gibe is an Internet worm that attempts to spread through e-mail by using addresses it collects in the Microsoft Outlook Address Book. It disguises itself as a legitimate Microsoft Security Update. The worm would arrive through e-mail in the following format:

Subject: I thought you find this useful - Microsoft Security Update

Body: Microsoft Customer,

This is the latest version of security update...

Attachment: q216309.exe

However, in the background it copies the following files in the \windows\ directory under the filenames "BCTOOL.EXE" (worm part), "Q216309.EXE", "02_N803.DAT" (stores the retrieved email addresses), "GFXACC.EXE" (dropped trojan), and "WINNETW.EXE" (retrieves email addresses). So that it gets run each time a user restart their computer the following registry key gets added:

Worm Part:

Trojan Part:
3Dfx Acc=C:\Windows\GFXacc.exe 

After the fake MS Security Update is applied a user will see the following screen:

Like other trojans, the dropped backdoor (GFXACC.EXE) would potentially allow someone with malicious intent backdoor access to your computer. Additionally, in order to gather the needed information for replication the following registry directory is created with the dropped registry keys:


Installed= Begbie
Default=(default information)

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