This is a special alert from The Funny/Alerts Newsletter. The use of Instant Messagers has grown at a rapid rate. When ICQ first came out it was so kool that my friends and I jumped right in! This was something that the internet was actually good for. Then came the AOL and MSN instant messengers with their own, proprietary, formats and their millions of users.
Right from the begining, all of these companies told their users that although IM was a great tool it was NOT to be considered secure and they actually discouraged people from using it in a business environment for communications that needed privacy.
Sure enough, the last year or so has seen a rise in attackers using these communication channels for malicious mischief. Today I received this, the most recent alert directly from Microshaft. Note that the Anti-Virus community is aware and that they are working on the problem.
Keep your AV updated!

IE Flaw Exploited For MSN Messenger Worm 

ComputerWorld just reported that a new worm that uses the MS instant messenger to propagate has been spotted by several antivirus software vendors. 

The worm arrives in an instant message that contains text telling the recipient to go to one of several Web sites. 
The text says either "URGENT -- go to (url) now" or "ATTeNT!oN -- go to (url) now." Clicking on the link in the message opens a Web page with malicious JavaScript code that sends instant messages advertising the Web page, or other Web pages with the code, to all the MSN Messenger users on the victim's contacts list, Symantec Corp. and F-Secure Corp. said in advisories today. 

Dubbed "JS.Menger.Worm" by Cupertino, Calif.-based Symantec and "Coolnow" by Helsinki, Finland-based F-Secure, the worm sends instant messages but does no damage to a user's system, the antivirus software vendors said. F-Secure said that it's trying to shut down the sites hosting the malicious code before it becomes very widespread. Full Story at the ComputerWorld site. If you have MS IM users, better alert them! 

Please take a prudent level of minimum due care.