Tell me 'bout them Blues


Listening to the Blues
WMNF: Mon-Fri 2pm; Mon 10pm; Fri 9pm; Sat 1am BluesCityRadio
KUCI: Mon 10:00am - 12 (PST) (then 2hrs of harp!)

KOQX (24x7 Blues station)

KPLU: Sat & Sun 6:00pm - midnight (PST)

Kbluz Internet Blues Radio

GotRadio - Blues channel Blues on Live365 Internet Radio
FM.1 - Blues channel KTHX: Sat 6:00pm - 8:30 (PST)
BellyUp4Blues WUBM (the only U.S. all folk music radio)


Playing the Blues

The Blues  
Understanding 12-bar Blues For Peace


Reading about the Blues
Guide to the Blues B. B. King from the beginning
Blues Odyssey Fingerpicking Styles for Guitar
Beginning Fingerstyle Blues Guitar Inside the Blues - 1942 to 1982
The Golden Age Of The Blues (w/ audio CD) NPR Curious Listener's Guide to Blues


Sub-section one: Harp Intonation

What is Just Intonation?

Seydel on Equal Temperament
Seydel: how to fill in the missing notes Seydel on Just Temperament