Not cheesy any more!

You think a $99 guitar sucks. Right? Well, take a gander at this bad boy!

When I first got this guitar I just wanted something to keep under the bench at work for doodling around on during lunch. You know, something to do scales, chord changes, etc. without disturbing anyone. Thus, the electric instead of acoustic.

I thought that I'd eventually get one of those PocketRocket type of headphone amps, but then I spotted the Behringer iAXE. This thing has a USB port and comes with some decent software for your computer. Not only that, but our shop is right next door to a Behringer dealer! In a matter of weeks I had what you saw on the previous page. The white guitar. SO white that I wanted to take it out to the parking lot and run over it to give it some character!

But then, as life usually does, I found out that Jim Jackson (owner of Jackson & Farmer Autobody) had always wanted to do some work on guitars. After talking it over with him it was decided that they'd paint it and I'd hang it up at Sparks Music and Learning Center for all to see.

Well, that paint job has hung there for nearly a year and I wasn't getting to play it. So, I brought it home and re-assembled it into what you see here.