My guitars

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high resolution views)

My 1st guitar

JB Player (model: JB-EA-20)

My 2nd guitar
(This guitar has been sold!)

Saga Gitane (model: D-500)

My 3rd guitar

Michael Kelly Dragonfly (model: MK DF 4 AM)



My 4th guitar
(a Christmas present from my wife, Anne!)

Line6 Variax (model 500)


My 5th guitar
(kept at the shop)

Behringer USB-Guitar (model iAXE393)

Fender "Hot Noiseless" stratocaster pickups



WOW! Is that the same guitar? Yes, it is!
Paint courtesy of Jim Jackson at
Jackson and Farmer Auto Body


My 6th guitar

Aria AK-45
(this guitar has a new owner)


My 7th guitar
courtesy of Sparks Music and Learning Center

Traben Phoenix OLP Bass


My 8th guitar

Prudencio Saez (hand made in Spain)


My 9th guitar
(an anniversary present from Anne.
13 wonderful years together, my love!)

Variax 700 bass


My 10th guitar

Variax 700 acoustic



My 11th guitar
(2010 Christmas present from Anne!
 - AND it came with a Fishman acoustic amp!)

Great divide


My 12th guitar

Fender Jazz bass
Made at the Ensenada Plant (Fender), Mexico in 2006
With an added ancient Rome pickguard (so COOL looking!)
Wife gave it the beautiful leather strap for Christmas '11



As a side note, I have a couple of microphones that seem to be good for voice and instrument recording. The testing I did on them is not in any way standardized or "professional", but it will give you an idea of how they compare.

Microphone response charts


Bonus: for those of you who made it this far:
100 Greatest Rock Guitar Albums ever!
(from October '06 Guitar World)