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(I've only recently taken up the harmonica)

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Harmonica Club

Modern Blues

Harmonica forum

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Free Software

Hammerhead (drum machine)

Audacity (sound editor)

Kristal (16 track studio)

Big Ears Ear Training

Virtual Harp


Online tuner
 (can be downloaded)

Interactive Circle of 5ths

Harping Midi

Top Sites

Harmonica Space
Modern Blues Harmonica

A brief explanation of Cross Harp
Find song keys at Dave Gage's site
Harpin' an a whinin' for more song keys
Gringo's Music
A Blues Harp Player's Guide to Amplifiers
Harp Amp Secrets and Tips
Blues Harp Amplifiers

Peterson forum on harp tuning
Rick Epping on Hohner tunings

#1 place to buy harps
#2 place to buy harps
Harmonicas and Stuff


(check out the Scale Tablature Generator!)


 Where to find harp music:

H.C. jukebox
Harpin' an a Whinin'
Harmonica Lessons

(note: there are several ways to write harp notation. Be sure to look at each site's explanation)

Where to find words to songs:

Leo's Lyrics
Mp3 Lyrics
Absolute Lyrics

Harp resources:

Harmonica Man
Harp On!
Harmonica Links

The JT30 Page
Celtic by Glenn Weiser
Celtic harmonica
Juke transcription
Finding the right harmonica
Harmonica Mics blog

Repair Tools:

Lee Oskar
Bill Rommel

Richard Sleigh

Where to find help:

Online lessons

Pat Missin
Joe Filisko
Dave Gage
David Barrett
Harmonica Lessons
Jon Gindick
Ronnie Shellist
Tony Eyers
Harping Midi
The Diatonic Reference
Ten Hole
Harmonica Songs
Harmonica World
Harp On! (chrom)
Mundo Armónica (Spanish)


Music Theory
How to play 1st
Hole notation chart (Richter)
Alternate tunings (others)
Resources for beginners

DYI harp repair

Jam session needs:

Play out in the Truckee Meadows
My favorite venues

Books, etc.

Instant Harmonica
Tips and Tricks for Musicians
Harmonica Links
Glenn Weiser books

Vocal warm up (2 octaves)

More music for your band


Notation paper
RockHouseMethod free paper forms!

Harmonica Play-alongs


Practice, practice, practice

Artists and their songs by key

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Harmonicas Microphones Amplifiers FX/Accessories
BlowYourBrassOff Greg Heumann Sonny, Jr. DigiTech RP-350
Turbo Harps Chuck Gurney HarpGear RP-250/350 patches
Harrison Harmonicas Sonny Jr. Wezo-45 Boss Chorus
  Steve Warner Meteor Boss Octave OC-2
Hohner Jeff Spoor Tungsten Digitech JamMan
Suzuki Mr. Microphone Sligo Fender Case
Lee Oskar     custom road case
Seydel Shure Fender Musician's Gear case
Hering Electro-Voice Vox DA series Hetrick Harmonica Case
Bushman Astatic Roland Cube Cumberland Custom Cases
Huang Shaker Hohner Hoodoo Box Harp Holder
Bends (Brazillian) Audio-Technica   Microphone Audio Cables
  Audix Fireball Blues Harp Amps blog X2 XDS95 Digital Wireless
  Audix Fireball-V   Impedance Transformer
  Calrad Ted's Amps and more... Zydeco washboard tie
  Hohner   LED flashlight
  Sennheiser   Good tone (help?)
  Mini Mojo    
  Nady VHM-7    
  Applied Mic Technology    
  Peavey H-5C Cherry Bomb    
  Bottle 'O Blues    
New models:      
Hohner Marine Band Crossover
  (Guitar Center)
Suzuki Manji
  (Rockin' Ron's Music 4 Less)
Rares:   Customizers:
  Argonne mic   Joe Filisko
  Black Edge, Jr.   Richard Sleigh
  Gelost   James Gordon
  Sonotone   Johnny Bishop
  Stearn's Dynamike   Joe Spiers
  Turner   Brad Harrison
      Chris Michalek
      Mauro Pionzio





Talkin' about the Blues



Shopping list:
  1. good harps (first)
  2. good tone (foremost)
  3. case
  4. microphone w/ cable
  5. impedance matcher
  6. flashlight
  7. backup harps in C, A, D, F and G
  8. wireless
  9. tambourine  w/o batter
  10. Zydeco washboard tie
  11. stomps
Tips to fix sharp edges:

Use a whetstone , such as one used to sharpen knives. It is much more controllable to work with on reed plate edges and such than a file is.

Remove the plates and smooth the edges with 400-600 grade wet-dry sandpaper. This can also be done with plates in place, if attached by tacks. Dry cuts faster, wet smoothes and polishes. Sandpaper's natural pliability assures a smoothly rounded surface since it molds itself over the edges evenly.

Disassemble the harmonica, and use super fine 0000 steel wool to go over the edges until they no longer feel sharp.

Still something else that works well: Get one of those four-sided manicure blocks for shaping, smoothing, polishing nails. They have four levels of abrasion, and work great on reed plate edges...

Rinse before using harp!