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Jam session needs:

Play out in the Truckee Meadows

Loud and Proud

Notation paper
RockHouseMethod free paper forms!

Guitar grids for drawing chord diagrams, scale patterns, etc.

Basic guitar chords (standard format)
Basic chords (large format)

Free Printable - music

Media sizes and approximate playing time

50 Greatest guitar tones of all time!
Quest for the holy grail of tone
Grail Tone (dot) com

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Tascam GB-10 Trainer

50 ways to become a better guitarist

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Electric Acoustic Amplifiers FX/Accessories
Fender Martin Marshall Alesis
Gibson Taylor Fender Roland
Epiphone Ovation Ampeg Digitech
Gretsch Epiphone Soldano Rocktron
Ibanez Gibson Mesa/Boogie Yamaha
Paul Reed Smith Collins Matchless ART
Rickenbacker Guild Laney Peavey
Rick Turner Larrivee Groove Tubes 360 Systems
Grosh Takamine Crate Boss
Modulus Tacoma Peavey Dunlop
Peavey National Carvin EBow
Hamer Yamaha Randall EMG
Carvin Breedlove Trace Elliot Ernie Ball
Dean Seagull Rivera Dean Markley
BC Rich Alvarez VHT Axon
Wechter Dobro A4 Preamp Bartolini
Wright Augustino Dredge Tone Fishman
Fernandes Beniot Maillette Dr. Z Sunrise Pickups
Jackson MCampellone Rocktron Seymore Duncan
SmartLIGHT™ Chabot Evans Bill Lawrence
Yamaha Diego Pons Frederic Barcus Berry
Alembic Gregory Furan Tube Works Actodyne
Showster Fylde George Dennis Audio Optics
Andersen Gardner Gorilla/Pignose EMF
Tom Anderson Granata Guytron EPM
Aria Grimes Audio Brothers Harmonic Design
Ken Benensee Heiden Hoffman Highlander
Benedetto Heritage Hughes/Kettner Joe Braden
Blade Hohner Jarrod Lee Kinman
Box Guitars Kemp Dean Markley Perfect Tune
Brian Moore Lakewood Kitty Hawk Shatten
Callaham Levitch Koch Rio Grande
Catalyst Liberty Kustom Sky
Citron Manzer Lee Jackson Augustine Strings
Cort Matlin Line 6 Bones Brand
Curbow Maton London Power D'Addario Strings
Custom Ax Mauel Matamp D'Aquisto Strings
DeLaHaye Olson Pegasus GHS Strings
Martin Dixon Oscar Schmidt Roland Gore Strings
Ellio Martina Petros Tech 21 La Bella Strings
Musicman Rowan So Flo Monster Strings
ESP Saqui Boyden Pyramid Strings
Flanders Scipio Budda Rotosound Strings
Gardner Sergei de Jonge Audio Cage SIT Strings
G & L Shannon Victoria Snarling Dog
Godin Sonntag Smokey Thomastik-Infeld
Grimes Wechter Song Works Anvil Cases
Guild Zychowski Soundsmith Ameritage Cases
Harper Allen Clark Flight Form Cases
Hayes Arbor Vero TKL Cases
Hembrook Santa Cruz Apollo Unitech Cases
Heritage     Reunion Blues
Hohner     BBE Sound
GuitarWorks     Azden Wireless
Jaros     Alden Lee
J B Player     Back Axe
JJ Hucke     Bird of Paridise
Koll     Clayton
Bill Lawrence     Dimension Beam
Leduc     Double Treble
Levitch     Ducks Deluxe
Manne     Emonirt
Mark Lacey     George L's
Matlin     Hip Shot
McSwain     Hosa
MDX     Jennie Pickguards
Melobar     KM Cable
Metropolitan     Kradl Picks
MidiAxe     Kyser
Mike Lull     Star Labs
Mark Johnson     Legend Picks
Mosby     LM Sure Locks
MusicVox     LSR Tuners
Novax     Maranita
Patrick Eggle     Marshall Elec
Phantom     Monster Cable
Rainsong     Nady Wireless
Read     Intellitouch
Reverend     Peterson Tuners
Rhienhart     Matthews & Ryan
Ribbecke     Point Technlogy
Sadowsky     Pro Co Cables
Schecter     Quik Lok
Sever     Sabine
SGD     Slider Straps
Sherman     Sovtek
Slydmo     Spectraflex
Steinberger     Stewart-MacDonald
Stewart     Strap Plus
Stuyart     String Swing
Stump Preacher     Tric Picks
Suhr     Ultimate Support
Timtone     Warmoth
Travis Bean     Weber Vintage
US Masters     Whirlwind
Vaccaro     Wholesale Picks
Vigier     Xwire
Washburn     Y Strap
Terry McIntruff      





Studio needs:

Neumann U67, U87, U47, M49
Telefunken 251, V72 (dirty)
Sure SM7 (tames 3k)
Audio-Technica AT4050 (neutral) (inexpensive)
Daking Mic Pre/EQ modules (clean)

Universal Audio 610
Mercury M72s
API 512C
Chandler TG2, Germanium
Rupert Neve Designs 31102, 1073 (punchy), 1081 (agressive)
Martech MSS-10
Millennia HV3
Grace Design Model 101 (clean) (less expensive)
Rupert Neve Designs Portico 5012 (clean) (less expensive)
Tube-Tech CL 1B (punchy and agressive)

De-esser: (use at 3k to tame harshness)

Compressors: (use about 4:1 with slow attack/fast release)
Universal Audio or UREI model 1176
Universal Audio LA-2, LA-3A
Valley Commander
Summit Audio TLA-100
Emperical Labs Distressor (use after preamp)
Chandler TG1
Prism Sound Maselec MLA-2

EQ: (not until after mixing)
Empirical Labs Lil FrEQ
Millennia NSEQ-2

Manley VOXBOX (Preamp, comp, de-ess, EQ)

Wave Renaissance Compressor
Wave Renaissance EQ
Wave C4 (frequency-specific compressor)
Appey Road TG12413 (original or TG1 clone)
Crane Song Phoenix
Massey Tape-Head
Antares AutoTune
Metric Halo Channel Strip
Sound Toys EchoBoy

Bass Player poll:
What's the most important
effect pedal in your rig?

Compressor 38.80%
Distortion/Overdrive 22.21%
Chorus/Flanger/Phaser 15.03%
Wah/Envelope filter 9.32%
Octave 7.52%
other 7.13%